ok now thats better

the dryer is functional, and my clothes are intact.
the window to the rodeo works.
and they handed me a brand new ipod to replace the dead one!

so today is not so bad after all :)

oh and when the chinese place forgot my wontons and i had to go back to get them i got free dumplings. score!


Blogger Karen said...

i'm so glad that your day got better! i went out to your blog before i left the office today, was going to make a comment to hopefully cheer you up and then it was time to leave the office! by the time i got home and came to make a comment, your day had improved! i'm so glad they replaced your ipod, i don't know what i would do without mine these days, i listen to it all the time! don't forget to take some socks to knit on your trip, i like to start a brand new pair to knit while i'm on a trip that will always remind me of where i knit them when i get home. (and i personally don't think that sock ruts are bad, i just think i need to finish a sweater soon!)

Blogger Lynda said...

woo hoo! - I love it when it all comes together!

Blogger Jenifer said...

Yay to you! It was great seeing you yesterday -- and your cardigan was indeed so beautiful!! Those clogs are great, and congrats again on graduation!! Bon voyage!


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