so i went to mommy knitting the other day...no there isn't anything i need to tell you it was an excuse to see people i hadn't in a while, namely jenifer and amy. good to see you guys. and jenifer had yarn she's been dying to give to amy. it matches her little guy's hangey fabric thing (what are those called anyway?) perfectly. i was supposed to email this, but i can't find your address jenifer :( anyway. it was good to see these two and make a new friend. the wife of one of my previous professor, and terrible person that i am, i can't remember her name. but we all know that i'm bad with names so no offense intended ok?

i worked on the stripey socks that i stared a while ago but had put on hold for the italy cardi. i think i'm a stripe or tow past this now, but i don't have a recent photo. fun to knit not all that interesting, but fun nonetheless!


Blogger Karen said...

are you doing the two socks on two circs thing here? i haven't tried that, i'm afraid they would be all tangled up when i threw the socks in my knitting bag in a hurry to get into the office one morning! of course, my sock rut does extend to the fact that i have never even tried the two circs method (or a bottom-up either). i guess i just know it works so i keep knitting them the same ole' way! when do you leave for europe?

Blogger Jenifer said...

Hey Lesley -- if you get this while you're gone! -- hope you are having/had a great time! My friend was Meredith Davis. :) And I might have something I'll be dying to give you as well soon ...


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