otherwise known as technical difficulties.

well i was at knitting last night and i was talking to erica and she thought i should blog about all the bad luck we've been having around here lately. and i laughed it off and figured why would anyone want to hear about that...i mean hell its only a dryer right? whats the big deal, so mom and the cousin who is in from out of town can't get dressed on the morning of graduation cause their clothes are soggy. whats the big deal? not to mention i should now be packing for our trip but i could just go to the laundromat, oh, right the car's in the shop...why? well the window is busted, and having had things stolen out of a locked closed window car before i'm only a little squeamish. how did it break well...i mean my car window only jammed on the way to graduation last week. 20,000 people on campus i'm running late due to the dryer, and the car window dies and i have to leave it parked on campus with the window down? fortunately nothing was stolen this time. but anyway. so i've been bussing it to knitting lately. doing something good for the environment. yeay. and somthine else minor happened (can't remember what now) so i figured, hell, thats 3 we're done but no...

the bad luck is back. my ipod is on the blink. for a while it had to be reset often but then it was ok. well not its not. i'm leaving town for 3 weeks on wednesday i've got trains and planes and automobiles that will be nothing but engine noise to me with out it, and it dies. i called that little guy that lives in the phone again. he's grouchy. i might out to let him out for a while may improve his mood. but anyway, i digress. he didn't work his maic and bring the ipod back from the dead. he tells me to mail it in and i'll have it back in 7 days. oops you won't be in town? well we can send it to you on your trip...i don't think so. can't you imagine it bouncing from hotel to hotle as we wander around italy? i'd never see it again.

anyway. long story short i'm tuneless for my trip. on the bright side. the swimsuit i ordered from victorias's secret is here. its been alreted. damn straps were too long and i nearly flashed dave's brother...horrific experience for both of us i'm sure. the dryer repairman was here this morning. in theory i can wash AND dry my clothes now...if it doesn't melt them. might let mom have the first go around on that one. and when (if) my car gets done i can drive to my little heart's content. maybe carpool down to denver knitting tomorrow night at highlands ranch i dunno. just whatever you do don't roll the window down k alex? i just can't take it :)


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