there are several finished objects to report!
first and foremost, dave and i graduated last friday.
technically dave has to write and defend his thesis this summer, but i think he can do it.

and i told you i'd post photos.
here's the token funny hat and dress photo.
me, dave's dad, and dave.
dave got a cooler hat than i did, i guess thats what happens with a phd :)

i've also got a couple FO's to report! here are my cousin's watermelon slippers :)

i posted a finished unfelted photo the othe rday, but here they are, all felted and ready to wear. my cousin said she was going to wear them home on the plane!
pattern: fiber trends felted clogs,
yarn: cascade 220 with a touch of leftover loft for the seeds.
changes: body and inner sole red, outer sole green, stitched on seeds before felting


Blogger Lynda said...

cute, cute slippers! of course, I'd call them ladybug slippers!

Blogger Alex said...

Congratulations!!! And those are some impressive grades... so much for worrying about finals. :) Hope to see you at s&b tonight!

Blogger Wanda said...

Congrats and congrats again! The Watermelon slippers are very cute.

Blogger msfortuknit said...

these are adorable

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

cosin loved the slippers! i like em too i think next up are ladybug ones for my sister for xmas!

Blogger Cathi said...

Congrats! Mostly on the graduation, but on the slippers as well!


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