woo hoo!

i have finished grading the last assignment of the summer semester. woo hoo! i'm free. well almost, i still have to grade the final but its almost over! the material was interesting but the kid's were annoying. i will never have to read one more comment on an assignment that the question sucks, but they guess they will answer it anyway. like the professor will ever see their whining. ugh.

tantrum over.

i am working on my osw again. i pulled it out yesterday. the way the designer has the increases done they're not symmetrical which was making me crazy. so i figured out a way to make the left and right side look the same. yeay. i'm trying ot finish it to wear on friday to knit night at cynthia's we shall see if i make it! since i don't have yarn to work on
rogue i should have plenty of time!


Blogger Wanda said...

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Blogger Wanda said...

Ok, so I'm a dork and replied to someone else's blog post on yours, that's why I deleted the first one. Actually I'm not sure why you had a problem with the OSW, the increases are fine. I didn't have a problem. Maybe you and Stefanie's patterns are not getting along!


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