hallo, i'm back :)

i know i wasn't really gone anywhere. but i certainly wasn't in a knitting kinda mindset. thinking about boys. silly me! what was i thinking! nothing but a distraction. a good distraction as some are easy on the eyes. uh oh here i go again. can you tell i was a bit boy crazy when i was younger? really i've grown out of it! honest.

but i'm knitting again! i promise. i picked up the needles last night when i got home from seeing chocolate and the charlie factory...vodka helps. i reccomend sneaking some in if you haven't seen it, if you have go back. makes for an interesting experience.

but anyway i knitted, and i'm hooked again! i'm trying to finish up my OSW. it should be a matter of hours now...of course i always underestimate these things. but i pulled on one arm and it fits so far, so that's a start. second sleeve and ribbing is all i have to go :) i'm getting excited!

and i have to finish my mom's boatneck sweater. no its not done yet can you believe it one measley sleeve to seam up. geez. its gonna be a night of finishing, and if i'm lucky i'll get to cast on! what for ??? well... my yarn came in for rogue!!! its killing me, i just have to cast on. but i can't cause i really wanna finish the OSW before i start something else!

but about the yarn, the color is gorgeous. and its sooo soft. i really do just have to get out the camera. its been a while, and a few fo's and theres tons photos to catch up on. hmm. maybe that's what i can do today. i'm off to take photos back later :)

oooooo yeay social knitting shirley just called and she's coming over to knit tonight! well she wants me to show her how to crochet but close enough! i can knit. she'll crochet. string will be knotted creatively :)


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