well its officially begun. i'm here and all hell has oficially broken loose. my current classes include: plasma physics, quantum mechanics 2, optics, observational astronomy 2 - spectroscopy...yes i am insane. i realize this. i was going to drop one of the hard ones and just take a geology class to be full time. i can't imagine why, but they want you to take 12 hours to give you financial aid. if i even get financial aid this term...i'm over 180 credit hours due to transferring twice and changing my major i don't know how many times. oh and i'm a double major, so you can see i have an excuse. hopefully they buy it...but if they don't give me money...well i guess i'll have more time to knit. madness! but anyway. i sat in on both classes today and yesterday to try to decide between optics and plasma, and they both sound so neat that i'm just gonna try to kill myself this term and take both. shirley is in both quantum and plasma. so maybe between the 2 of us we will stay sane. i hope so at least.
the spectroscopy class will be really neat! we have a 24" telescope on campus and we get free reign. i've used it before and although its not a giant, and its in town so light polution is a problem, its really cool to get to drive it and look at things in between assignments. and really, how often do you get to play with a telescope that size, i mean really? oh! and i'll get to go to 3 observatories on field trip this term. theres the solar observatory, and we'll get to see the very large array in new mexico (thats the one jodie's at in contact) and i get to play with a 3.5 meter telescope at apache point. well i don't get to play with it but i get to stand there while someone qualified plays with it. but i get to tell 'em where to point it! yippee! yes i am a dork. i know this. although we won't be taking pretty pictures for the most part, i will try to post some if i get the chance.
needless to say knitting time will be scarce. but i'm gonna work on rogue as time permits. shirley is already bugging me to get together and knit. i guess i have to work the other side of my brain somehow or i'll be walking around lopsided or something. anyway. i have to run. the physics department keeps us happy by feeding us pizza once a week and its about that time. then i have to go to lab to learn how to process stellar spectra. are your eyes rolling back into your head yet? mine are!


Blogger Jenifer said...

Wow. I can't even try to imagine what the things you're studying are about! (Yes, that sounds lame-o.) Good luck this semester!


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