i think i can i think i can

well i cast on for rogue. and i'm doing ok so far. i swatched the turned hem with some waste yarn and was able to figure it out so thats a start. and i decided not to do the twisted stockinette stitch for the hem. i talked with the lady down at lys and we agreed it makes the fabric on the hem twisty too. adn she couldn't think of a good reason to do it that way, so i just did a regualr stockinette hem i'm 4 rows in to the chart and no disasters so far so i'll just keep my fingers crossed. anyway. don't you just love this color?


Blogger Michelle said...

The first part just gets turned under so it probably won't make any difference. I believe the reason they tell you to do twisted stitches or a k1p1 rib is so that it will pull in a bit and not cause the bottom of your finished sweater to bell outward.
Looking good!

Blogger Jenifer said...

Hi Lesley -- I did the k1p1 rib, but I think that regular old st st would be fine as well (that's how I've always done a hem -- okay, the one time I did it). The twisted st seems to make a really firm fabric, as per Cynthia's that I saw this week. Good luck! Can't wait to see!


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