so i told you shirley and i are a bit codependant in that when i want to buy yarn she has to buy yarn too? well guess what came in the pail today? 57 balls of reynolds dover superwash wool! and its almost as soft as my 1824!!! look at this i got the teal:

and its really not the same color as my rogue it just looks like it. this is a much darker richer bluey green than rogue.

and she got the pewter

and i got the purple and denim

and she got the navy and camel!

isn't the mail wonderful???


Blogger Wanda said...

Ooh, lots of goodies. Cool yarn there.

Blogger Jenifer said...

Yum Yum Yum!! (And I'm admiring your clean floor as well.)

Blogger Cathi said...

Whoa, 57 balls? I don't think I've ever loaded up that much. Do you have plans for much of it?

I don't know if you saw, either, but Mission Falls is closing it's doors at the end of this year, so stock up now....


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