rogue'n along

well, i only had one class today, and since i don't have my textbooks yet and don't really want to start studying yet...i came home and knitted. and knitted. and knitted. and i'm gonna knit some more. but i was at a stopping point - three balls in do you think i have enough yarn??? 18 balls its the right yardage but i always panick at this point! - anyway. here it is! the first chart is completed and i've started on the second chart. btw i think this is closer to the actual color than the last photo i posted. kinda greeney blue teal, but dusty. anyway. they call it cornflower...but isn't that supposed to be kinda periwinkle. k. really i'm gonna go knit now.


Blogger Wanda said...

When you said it was cornflower blue, that's what I thought, kind of a periwinkle blue. It's still a pretty color, but you know how these yarn companies do, give you a name of something and when you see it, it looks totally different than you expected! You will have plenty of yarn, so calm down.

Blogger Jenifer said...

Wow, nice!! I love the way your cables are popping out. I think you'll have enough yarn. This has been knit so many times that I'm sure the yardage was correct. Hey -- can you shoot me an email to jeniferorama AT gmail DOT com with Shirley's email address on it? I seem to have lost it. Her yarn is on the way. :)

Anonymous michaele said...

It looks really good. Not that I have the time, but this is making me want to rogue, too!

Blogger Cathi said...

It looks great! You're totally kicking my ass, I haven't even started the pocket yet.


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