switchy swatchy

well it is officially the first of august, and i am swatching...and i think my worsted is more of a light worsted and i'm gonna have to either get a different yarn, or double up to get gauge for rogue. blah! i may be ordering more. but what the heck is this color??? its either lichen, prarie sage or colorado range! i got it from the bargain bins at brown sheep in nebraska at the beginning of the summer, and ta da! no labels. no telling what color it is. but its pretty and i like it! see my stash at the bottom of the page. time to make a trip to lys to compare with color cards...wish me luck. oh, i guess had better wait un morning. they might not appreciate a midnight visit! wait, nevermind. i think i can make it work...i'll have to knit on 7's which i don't want to do, but maybe it will be ok. get me used to knitting more open fabrics. see i hate knitting loosey goosey stuff. i'm not a tight knitter. i just don'tlike the way loose knit looks. might have to get someone to hold my hand!!! see i usually knit worsted weight on 6's or 5's, so this will be tough. but maybe i can do it. cross my fingers. hell cross your fingers too, i'll need all the help i can get.


Anonymous kristen said...

Go Rogue!! I am getting excited and have barely started. I hope you can get the yarn thing figured out.


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