i mean really.

is it so much to ask that a product does what it is intended to do without crapping out on you?
there i was knitting along minding my own business when...

thats a sock.
half done with my first ever lifestyle heel.
you know i don't like change. i am perfectly happy with my plain-jane ordinary short row heels. heck when i try something new something always goes wrong...
but i was willing to try.
you know me i don't frog things.
i just go with it.
well i had frogged this stupid heel 4 times to get it how i wanted it...until disaster struck.

yeah see there.

here lemme help you out.

the cable just popped out of the needle.
the stitches just zipped off the cable.
and the heel with to hell in a handbasket.

stinking knitpicks circs.
"durable fixed circular needles" my @ss.
i had heard that this happens.
but never to me.
not til now.

you'll be hapy to know that the sock was saved.
the heel navigated without further drama and the second heel went great.


not half bad if i do say so myself. i may even use this method again. its relatively straightforward. no holes at the turns - as advertized. just don'tattempt it when you're sleep deprived like i was the first time.

i am loving this yarn. it's elann's sock it to me in grey heather.
love love love.
did i say love?

soft. it is feeling like it will be sturdy. i get great stitch definition. it doesn't squish down to nothing on my 0's but i get a nice solid fabric on my 1's too.
i'm so happy i might just have to cast on for some more socks.

with one of the other 3 colors i got :)

and cause i know you want to know the recipe is lacy cable knee socks.
i can't wait to get a spiffy wool skirt to wear with these this winter.

oh and as for the needles...
fortunately i had a couple more sets. unfortunately another one of my 0's did the same thing. yesterday. i will be contacting the company after i cool off. but do i really want them to send me replacements? heck it will probably just happen again. sigh. time to buy more addi's. this would never happen with addi's.

and i would have used my addi's but they are tied up right now.
with another sock disaster.
but we're not gonna talk about that right now.
maybe someday i'll try to figure that one out.
in the meantime.

knit knit knit.

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Blogger Dee said...

I would be pi$$ed too. Instead of asking for a replacement that, like you said, will just do it again, how about asking for KnitPicks credit.

I'm sure you could find something else from Knitpicks that you could use. Their sock yarn actually holds up pretty well.

And...I LOVE the socks. They are gorgeous!


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