knitter down

so dave and i went to the farmers market. collected fresh eggplant, zucchini, and mushrooms. and brought them home for dinner :)

but while i was slicing veggies i sliced my finger. oops. and it's my index on my left hand! you know what that means right? no knitting. at lease for a couple of days. dang-it. and i was doing so well on my socks. oh well.

so after i washed the blood off what did we do with those veggies?
well dave cubed up the rest (my chopping privileges have been revoked for a while.) and we tossed the pieces with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, some sea salt and fresh pepper, and some dry herbs. then, we roasted them at 400 degrees for 30 minutes (which was may have been a bit too long) and served them up with a box of celery, onion, and cornbread stuffing and a rotisserie chicken from the grocery. what can i say? sometimes i take shortcuts :)

finish it off with a glass of what we like to call 2-buck-chuck* and you're done.

so, what's a broken knitter to do?
see, i know you think all those socks i crank out are actually done when i post pictures.
well, i have a confession to make...

i actually have a few ends left to wind in :)

*there is a line of wine available at trader joe's by charles shaw nicknamed 2 buck chuck. it is called this obviously because it only costs $1.99. before you run screaming, it is actually ok. perfectly acceptable table wine. we usually keep a bottle around the house. the shiraz or cab sav. are both good. and this trip i picked up the sauv. blanc just to try. decent wine, though i doubt i would serve it for guests :)

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Blogger Dee said...

Hmmmm...could Two-buck Chuck be responsible for the injury???? I think I see lawsuit! Well, maybe not.

Sorry to hear about the hand. Must have been the weekend for it. Steve did the same thing. And there wasn't even Chuck involved.


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