sock yarn from your stash swap.

can i first just say that this is the best idea for a swap ever! everyone has a little ball of wonderful in their stash that they frankly just don't want or would be willing to part with so why not just trade it out? right?

so i know get to the point already!

i had a note in the mailbox today that they had a package for me at the office. the girl sorting through her junk mail in the mailroom looked at me weird when i squealed...so what if i'm thirty. i can squeal when i know there is yarn waiting for me! then i was at the leasing office to get my package and they handed me some media mail package for dave. and i saw in the teetering pile of boxes that there was a message on the side of another box saying "sock yarn swap." so i asked if i could have my other package too? they said that dave's stupid book was all i had. but i knew different. that yarn had to be mine! and it was!

karen. my swap partner. is awesome! by the way. check it out!

super cute notes right?

and great color choices. this is so me!

karen, you must know someone who works at starbucks cause that lotion is the only stuff we have ever found that will seal up the destruction we put our hands through every day. and there are the sweetest little and i love the chocolate. i heart cadbury!

the tealight is neato i've seen the electric ones but have never had one. and the bird holder is great. it goes with the bird theme i've been leaning towards in my half of the office! and can i just say that the guys at the loopy ewe are brilliant. that book has spots to write all the stuff you ever needed to know about your socks, yarn, patterns, and stores in one convenient and cute little book!

and yes. how did she know that we were changing over to green here in gravity land! this project bag is absolutely perfect. and from what i have learned reading her blog; i bet she sewed it herself! its perfect. i can put that new little sock book, a pair of socks in progress, as well as my pattern in there and still have room to spare for a piece of emergency chocolate!

and the last and best, trekking. heck yeah! nuf said!

karen you rock. thank you so much!



Blogger Dee said...

Very cool swap package! Have fun with that Trekking --- do you have a pattern picked out yet?

Got a Starbuck's question for you ---- when are they switching up the menu --- anything new coming up soon?

Blogger TankGirl said...

How big is this package? It's gourgeous!!!
I have DPNs and sock yarn but I've never knitted any sock in my entire knitting life...I'll have to do it...I know

Blogger Karen said...

Yay! I'm so glad you like it :) I had sooo much fun. I picked out the bird on a whim the other day - it was so cute I had to get one for myself. I love the knit notes booklet too - I received one in a swap recently and loved it so much I thought you would too. Enjoy it! (And yes, I did make the bag - thanks!)


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