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way back in february or something silly like that i planted my vegetable garden. we only have a patio so everything is in pots. but seeing as it hardly ever freezes i doubt the winter will be a problem next year. i love the climate here! we have such even temperatures that everything was just able to keep growing without a problem!

well this is how we started out

tomatoes on either end (cherry and early girl) with peppers in the middle (banana and jalapeno) around the tomatoes i planted green onion seeds thinking that we would have enough onion tops for a few baked potatoes this summer...

well just look at them now...

the onions are almost taking over. the good news is that they don't seem to be slowing down the tomatoes. and the onions seem to have dissuaded the aphids from taking over the tomatoes.

just a few more days and we'll be eating fresh tomato salad!

if anyone knows why those tomato leaves are curling like that and how i can correct this please let me know. it is really weird.

oh and the peppers

they hardly look like the same plants do they?
and neige just couldn't stay out of the at least one shot!

the peppers are still babies but when they grow there should be dozens. the plant is doing really well considering that it took a dive off the patio railing a few weeks ago during a bad windstorm. it just lost one branch but i thought it was a goner! it lives on the patio floor now!

we've also got a few herbs.

the mint, oregano, thyme, and sage went from this

to this!

the rosemary is doing well also

and of course you can't forget the flowers!

the nasturtiums i started from seeds are just beautiful. i haven't planted these since i was a kid at my grandmother's house. we had a whole row in the garden one year!

they have been blooming so prolifically that i can't keep up with pulling off old flowers. they are even going to seed! i hope the gardeners for the apartment complex won't be too angry when they come up in the downstairs flower bed next spring! the flowers smell so sweet. and i have heard you can even eat them! the best part, they are attracting hummingbirds.

although we have had a bit of an aphid problem the petunias and snow carpet are recovering nicely

i don't usually go for chemicals, but when after months of dish soap, vegetable oil, boiled garlic, spraying with water, organic commercial sprays, and lots of love were not working on the bugs i had to resign myself to using bomide. it seems to be working. i'll have to apply it once or twice more to be sure, but so far the plants look much happier. i had to throw out a couple of the plants that were too badly infested to save, which was truly sad. but hopefully if i get things under control i will be able to get a few more before the end of summer :) i'd love to hang a nice geranium from the ceiling and get another mum. and i really do miss the violas. they were so sweet.



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