finished socks!

i really thought these were going to take forever when i cast on for them but the knit up really quickly! they also took a lot less yarn than i thought they would. at the point when the below picture was taken i had only used 2 balls of yarn (1oog). only 3 inches of sock were knit from that 3rd ball of yarn. i finally have sock yarn leftovers!

and i only used 20g of the third ball. woo hoo. there is plenty of grey left for a pair or argyle socks! not that i'll be casting on for those any time soon. one pair of color work socks is enough for me right now.

i also thought i would have to crochet some elastic into the tops to keep them up but i wore them around the house yesterday evening (dave thought it was ridiculous to wear them in july) and they didn't slouch once! actually dave may have thought it ridiculous to wear them at all. we shall see if he still thinks that they are silly come december. mental note. get a nifty wool skirt!

i did have a bit of trouble with the calf shaping. first i knit it as directed but it didn't fit right. then i had an epiphany and knit it my own way and that didn't fit. finally i did a cross between the two and magic. it worked! after that these socks were a snap.

better photos to come soon i promise. i just couldn't wait til dave gets home to take them!

the details:
lacey cables knee socks by susan gutperl
sock it to me 4 ply by elann in grey heather used 120g (2.4 balls)
sole, back of leg to calf to shaping, and inside of picot hem on 0's, instep, front of leg throughout, and calf shaping on 1's.
some kind of wacky increases at the back center to get enough stitches for 2 pattern motifs up the back. decreased those increases away after calf so socks would stay up. 2 pattern repeats after decreases before picot edge.


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