bad socks!

almost a year ago now i was working on my pomatomus socks when i realized that i had one sock with 67 stitches, and the other had 73...the pattern calls for 72 stitches around the leg. d'oh!

these guys promptly went in the bad knitting basket to think about what they had done.

when i cast on for the cappuccino socks last week i couldn't figure out what had happened to my size one addi's.
then i remembered.
so out they came.

the 73 stitch sock was an easy fix. i knit two stitches together. switched to my contrast yarn. and knit up the twisted ribbing.

the second sock, well that is going to take some frogging. i have to figure out where the last correct stitch count was and re-knit from there. in the meantime. check out that twisted stitch pattern. neat huh?

gosh it sure is a pain to p1, k1tbl over and over and over again :)

well i just could let well enough alone. i knit through the gimpiness and just held my bandaided finger out of the way and figured out that it was only in the last row that i got off on stitches. what an idiot. i could have been wearing these socks for a whole year! oh well. into the basket with you! i'll wind in ends another day!

from left to right:
hippo, colofornia, ditto, grumpy, rainbow

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Blogger Dee said...

Socks --- why do we love them so when they drive us SO crazy??????

That is a beautiful color yarn. I remember seeing them when you lived back here.

Blogger lesley said...

i love that yarn. i have quite a bit left. pagewood farm has such large hanks! there is probably enough for a sizeable contribution to a pair of monster socks!


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