so the plan is to knit 2 socks before the end of september.

first you have to make sense of the chart.

i know there are mistakes in that but don't worry i fixed 'em.

then you knit the world's smallest swatch.

i realized i was carrying the pattern color in the wrong hand because it just didn't pop. so i switched for the socks.

then you wind up 4 balls of yarn and cast on. at like midnight. cause it is finally july and you can.

i learned the last time that 4 balls of yarn.
2 socks.
and 2 circs.
is a recipe for disaster.
so i am working these socks one at a time. magic loop style. so that is still 2 socks on 2 circs. just separate.

so i knit the toes together. why not. then i separated my socks and started the first sock.

and then the second sock.
leapfrog fashion.
when one sock gets to half a pattern repeat then i set it down and knit a whole pattern repeat on the second sock. then i knit a whole pattern repeat on the first.

so far i am 3/4 and 1/2 of a repeat in.

but let me tell you. i usually carry the yarn in my right hand when i knit. my left is seriously bad at keeping tension. and holy cow is it sore. bring on the tiger balm cause these socks are going to give me a knitting related injury i can see it now.

the pattern is looking pretty good. i think these will definitely need blocking. especially the sides where the magic loop thing happens. sigh. i never had socks with ladders before. myst be the colorwork and uneven tension. but i still love the yarn!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very cool looking socks! You'll have to have Dave give you wrist rubs!


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