finished socks

i'd like to report 2 completed pair of socks.

daves socks are done. 72 hours on the needles thank you very much. he has them. they fit. he litkes them. but they pinch his toes...what??? socks stretch. they give and handknit socks mold to your feel. he is insane and we will leave it at that! oh and you'll have to believe me that they are done because once again i have gifted socks sans photographic proof. damn!

shirleys socks are done. she loves them. they fit. they do not pinch her toes. they do however tickle. i have no idea what that means. but i will post photos tomorrow. its late, i'm sleepy and want to crash. but i will update tomorrow :)

so i know its not tomorrow but i sdo have sock photos for you :) so please be kind. i'm only a couple days late .

someone was awfully interested in having hers and bunny's photographs taken. while i tried to ge tthe socks...sigh. who knew the dog is an attention hog and...she wants her toys in on the action!

there. gave the beast a treat. got the tootsies up on the chair for better light. whadda ya think?

and last but not least. shirley dropped by the boulder snb meeting at amante last week to collect her new jaywalkers. they fit perfectly. and she loves them. whew. one ball of sock yarn purchased in germany down. who knows how many to go :)



Blogger erin/pinkerbell said...

i like them!

Blogger Wanda said...

They look great! I'm sure Shirley was so happy!

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

thanks to you both. she was so excited! she'd never worn hand made socks before...and she's a knitter. somebody knock some sense into the girl. please!!!


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