is that a word? well it should be. can you believe i've been knitting for 2 years. i have only one person to thank for my wonderful hobby, not thatsnot right i think obsession describes it better. my mom's dear friend from red hat said she would teach me when i had a friend ask for a scarf but he didn't want it crocheted because crochet is so lumpy and he didn't want it to look like one of those "crusty hippee scarves" he was always seeing in the umc. his words people don't kill the reteller of funny stories ok? i learned to knit, to purl, to cast on and off and ly first ever knitted object was a basketweave scarf. i just had to share.

ok. i'm off to work on the funky scarf swap scarf now. the question is now that the shirts are all cut up into strips (photos later) do i have enough fabric to knit the scarf???


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