here i am again!

ok so i have a couple of updates to share with you. in between packing, having a fairly successful garage sale, and giving up on looking for work until after we move (out by the airport for those who care) i have been knitting a bit in hopes of changing the weather...see it cooled down yesterday. it was bearable even

alas i don't think i can change the weather, but ok so i have a couple of updates to share with you. this way maybe i will be prepared once it gets to be winter again. no its not finished it needs felting and maybe tassels i can't decide. and no it actually does look sillier in person.

see i've been knitting all this wool. the silly hat the everest vest (still in progress no update photos sorry)
and i've made a bunch of clogs lately for friends and family so i decided it was time for my own. not that i will wear them til its cold out but ya know. i'm ready at least!

yes those are toenails

and checkout the bottoms! i'll have felted photos soon, they and the hat are still drying :)

i call these monster slippers. the frou frou yarn around the edges reminds me of the feathers around a dog's toes. and well the colors are not to be found in nature therefore monsters are born. (no this is not a reflection on my mood in the mornings)

and last but not least (yes more cold weather wear) log cabin socks in mission falls wool

they look really goofy off my feet so you get one of those silly foreshortened sock photos for now. the foot looks really short but they fit and feel great!


Anonymous michaele said...

wow! I can't believe you've managed that much knitting in this heat!

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

its not the knitting that is getting to me i think it is the wool. what i haven't posted yet is the cotton knitting going on around here :)

Blogger Wanda said...

I love those log cabin socks. How many skeins of Mission Falls wool did you use?


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