since i am unemployed until firther notice and not allowed to shop i have to share this little tidbit. log cabin quilts on hwy 42 aka 95th street in lafayette is closing down. it took all the willpower i had to keep on driving when i passed today but someone ought to take advantage of the sales. oh and i noticed the other day that smiley's has cotton ease for those who didn't get their fill from the local craft stores last summer. thought i would share. k i'm done. forgive me. i'm gonna go shop in my stash for something new to knit now.

ps. i did go and exchange a ball of sock yarn at shutles today. and i only went over by $4 with my bargain bin cascade 220 and brown sheep. see i had to find coordinating colors. i like the silly hat(see below) so much that i have to make a coordinating pair of felted mittens...but i used odd balls and leftovers for the hat so i had to try and recreate the odd balls. thank goodness for shuttles having every color imaginable. i doubt the mitens will be an exact match but i just won't hold my hands too close to my head :) updates to come soon i hope.

pps. i had to go back and change the post title. i'm down to the odds and ends of my packing and i'm starting to have boxes that ought to be labled miscelaneous. but i can't bring myself to label them as such. cause you can never remember wha tis in them...sigh. ok. forget the previous note about knitting i have to go and pack.

ppps. actually i have to go and glue my mom's pie safe together it was made by my grandfather and unfortunately has seen better days. yes i will post photos of the surgery. if you don't know what a pie safe is you'll just have to wait or use your imagination. k. this time i'm really leaving :)


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