its official and help!!!

i have a new address. a whole lot of unpacked boxes. a confused dog. and a lot of aching muscles. the move went off without a hitch (well almost). and the internet is up and running. well at least in one room. can't find the friggin router...sigh. of course i couldn't find my monitor til today so that isn't saying much. i found th ein progress socks i was making for shirley but need her to try 'em on before i do too much more. and somebody put my yarn in the top of the closet and then filled the closet with boxes so i can't get to it :(. anyhoo.

i'll be starting a funky scarf as soon as i can find some inspiration. sigh.
i've been enjoying theses fantastic storms and whatnot that roll in over the plains. so i'm thinking lightning or clouds would be neat but i can't think how to knit that. intarsia? i don't think so i only have til october.
and i'd love to make a really long sock for my scarf pal. i think it would be funny.
or a recycled scarf made from strips of interesting fabrics.
or ribbons. i love pretty ribbons.
oh my goodness what am i going to do??? any suggestions would be appreciated.


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