space science and a little silliness {closed}

so i was reading some online news and look what i found! you've got to read this its about pluto. so my question is. what happens to the rhyme that kids use to memorize the order? i mean hello! My Very Ecellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas... just doesn't have the same ring without the pizzas does it? oh well. so i have a proposition . no no silly no tthat kind of proposition. dave would get mad! or at least i hope he would... anyhoo. come up with your own rhyme to help kids memorize the order. the sillier the better, and the winner will get something fabulous from my stash. wow. i've never had a contest before this is kinda fun! i guess i have to figure out a way to pick the winner. hmm. ok all entries that include the beginning letter of all the currently accepted planets and usues them in order will go into a hat. not the actual people who enter. thats a big hat. but all their entries :) and a random draw shall decide ok? enter as many times as you like. and have fun. the contest closes on september 1!

the contest is closed winner to be announced tomorrow ( saturday )


Blogger duchessofgravity said...

and of course i have to enter...

Must Vegetables Excluding Mushrooms Jump So Under Noses?

Blogger erin/pinkerbell said...

hmmm thinking of a yummy dish that starts with an "N"

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

psst. you guys have to come up with a phrase to enter...an dthat means you have to post it here in the comments. in case you were confused :)

Blogger ikkinlala said...

Now this idea will be stuck in my head - I might be back with more possibilities. Here's one I thought of:

Many Voracious Elephants Might Just Stomp Until Noon.

I'm kind of sad about Pluto, but I'm not sure why.

Anonymous Patty said...

This is fun! Just checking in on my sock buddy and found a contest! YEA! HOw about:
Most Violent Exercise Makes Jogging Seem Unecessarily Nasty!
These things just come to me. Go ahead, ask me the one I made up for the 12 cranial nerves (which I no longer can name, but do still know my rhyme) Oh, and it's pretty dirty - so not to be repeated to minors.

Blogger ikkinlala said...

Mighty Volcanoes Every Month Just Slip Underwater, No?

Blogger CynCyn said...

many vain, egocentric men justified selfishness until now.


in a less man hating fashion

most vacations enjoyed, making journals, scrapbooks until next.

Blogger Shelley said...

Here's my entry!

My Very Elderly Mother Just Slept Until Noon

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

i got this entry in my inbox posting it for the rest of your enjoyment

My Very Eager Mother Just Uncovered Nessie

from erin at best friend's a dork


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