so i just had to send an update. here are the finished sock totes. one (left) is a bit taller to accomodate 2 balls for 2 at once sock knitting. the other is perfect for the second sock when you're down to next to no yarn! all from 2 flat quarters and half a spool of ribbon! too much fun. i'll be looking around for other fantastic fabric. i'd like to send a sock tote to my sockpal. see there's her sock hiding in tote # 1.


Blogger Lynda said...

LOVE the sock bags - I just ordered one online, and may I just add, it's not near so cute!

Blogger Wanda said...

Sweet! Way cute!

Blogger Pat K said...

I came to visit your blog after you came to visit mine. The bags are really neat. How lucky for your sockpal!

Anonymous Dipsy said...

Hello from Austria! Wow, the sock totes turned out so gorgeous - I'm sure your sockpal is going to enjoy it a great deal!

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

too much fun i wander on other peoplesblogs and they wander backl to mine! i'm havinga blast sewing! can't wait to make more!

Blogger Cathi said...

That bag is so cute- love it!

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

i love it too! i'm using one to carry the early stages of a cardigan i'm making!


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