ok ok i'll do it too!

well some of the ladies have been on about running lately. and although i refuse to go out and buy shoes and run outdoors. i am willing to do so indoors. with the roper equipment...see i hate running. but i've gained back the weigt i was able to lose a while back so i should be doing something. so i've decided i could actually use the elliptical machine in my living room. huh go figure. its really not just there to take up space! so yesterday i hopped up there and was able to run ha;f a mile before i collapsed. no not relaly. but the funny pain in my shoulder was bugging me enough to get off the damn machine. funny pain you ask. well see i went snowboarding with dave (who has also gotten on the running bandwagon) on sunday and i fell on my head. hard. and i fell flat on my back. and my neck has been bugging me like after a fender bender (but thats mostly gone now) but i have this sharp pain just below my left shoulder blade. but anyway. no i don't think i'll go to the doctor. they already think i'm a hypochondriac. whilch i'm not i just get sick alot when i'm stressed out. which i have been with school. so i've not been in for the back. and this morning. not so bad i'm thnking. but anyway. i will jump back on that torture device once again today and tomorrow i'll tell ya how far i got while going nowhere!


Blogger Lynda said...

I'm with you - I'll do most any other exercise to avoid running... HATE running!

Stick with the eliptical.... you can do it!

Blogger Wanda said...

Good luck with the running thing. I hate running, but I do like the elliptical.

Blogger Wanda said...

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