soi everything is ripped back even further now...and i don't even wanna try to fix things anymore! i need something new to knit!

i think i'm going to make the sunrise circle jacket from IK. i have some yarn already...technically its way too much yarn for this sweater but i have no idea what else to make with it. i've been wracking my brain trying to decide what to use it for and haven't come up with anything...so i guess i'd just have a little (600-800) extra yards...damn yarn sales!!! it should get gauge with a nice solid fabric just like i like. not all holey! the yarn is reynold's dover in a jadey green color. i think i have a photo on the old computer i just have to transfer the files...i'll post it. but anyway i'm gonna go swatch and watch the firefly dvds...again. and knit :)

oh wait before i go...i'm not sure what size to make...this isn't something i want to turn out huge so...hell i dunno i'm just so bad about making sweaters too big. should i go down 2 sizes???

my vertical gauge is fewer than the required so i think if i jus tknit the 37" bust size i'll end up with something my size or even larger so i should be ok :) cross your fingers!


Blogger kitkatknit said...

Just found your blog. it's fun reading. GO BUFFS

CU '76 BFA


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