sewing for spring break

mom and i took a shopping trip to joann this weekend and we got lopts of fabric for me to make bags out of!

i got some to make a little bag to carry in progress socks

and some for a tote for my mom for our trip. the stripes are for the outside and the floral is for the lining.

both bags will be large (we need to carry maps, cameras, etc.) they will be rectangular, zip to dissuade pickpockets, have compartments and hang across the body from one shoulder, with super wide straps to avoid sore shoulders. i can't wait to start these!


Blogger Wanda said...

The fabric is cool! I love those stripes

Anonymous Julia said...

Ooh, your sewing projects are beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I decided on keeping the Fun Nation socks plain, but I'll let you know when I figured out how to adapt the wavy pattern to a sock. In my head, I've already got a yarn picked out for this project;-)


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