so i've decided to join the sunrise circle knitalong. i know i know...do i really have time for this? but i've been dying for a new project. and i love this color its great isn't it? check it out i was so excited to start something new that i knit a whole ball last night. i knit the hem. 10 more rows and hemmed it right up! i decided i'd prefer a picot edge. i thought it would be fun to have it running clear around the collar and that button band you know?

but look at this...i have never had yarn do this to me! its not even a handpaint! grrr. since it's in balls instead of hanks i'll have to wait for the finished product to give it a bath! oh well...i'll just look like i have a disease...maybe i can freak out the ocd germophobe in my quantum class :)

oh and get this. my class is cancled today so i'm gonna knit all day long! wooo hooo!


Blogger Sandy J said...

I do love that color. It's beautiful!

Blogger Jenifer said...

I didn't realize there was a knitalong for that ... looks like fun! Too bad I missed seeing you at the alpaca extravaganza. :)

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

thanks sandy :)

and jenifer, we didn't make it til late sunday so i missed out on a lot i think :(


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