school! blah :(

wow, so get this. i just turned in a regular assignment for quantum. we have our second midterm tomorrow night for quantum also. the exam covers through monday's lecture... i have the midterm for my data analysis class on friday in class (that one covers 2 entire textbooks and all the lectures thus far on error analysis etc.), and we (lab partners and i) just found out that the proposal for our final project in optics is due friday too! oh did i mention my third lab partner is A.W.O.L. and has yet to helpp us figure out what to do to write up this proposal...FUCK! sorry if that offends but omg. stress overload. anyway i just had to vent. i'm planning to knit at the boulder SnB tonight at amante and look at flash cards while i work on bad penny. knitting breaks will include running through old assignments on time dependant perturbation theory and the golden rule. don't know what that is? well neither do i really. photos next week i swear. i'm also cranking along on sockpaloooza socks. i realized i missed 2 rows of stockinette in one of the repeats and i don't even care anymore! can you tell? i need a break! spring break 2 more days i can make it. i think i can i think i can ;)


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