gauge? bah! not needed...

yeah right...so i was knitting right along on sunrise circle jacket. the back is essentially done and i heard that it helps to knit the front first and adjust the back to fit you...so i decide hey i can do this so i knit the sleeve and part of the front and ...its too big. like 5 extra inches of sleeve too big. back to the drawing board. i've been drawing the pattern out on graph paper to copy over to my gauge graph paper and it seems like it should work...if i'd only done this at first...oh well. so ripping out of an almost whole sweater front and sleeve to follow this evening :( photos to follow


Blogger Jenifer said...

Lesley -- I joined the knitalong and got through one ball!!!! I totally blame you. I'm not sure if I can continue for a while though .... need to finish other things .... can't wait to see how yours comes along.

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

i've since decided not to make the sweater...not now at least...i have summer things for my trip to make and i'll never finish them in time if i'm working on this too :( alas. no more sunrise!


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