that wasn't enough sewing for you?
is this place a sweat shop or something?
cause that is what i'm starting to think :)

remember my blocking board turned sewing board?
well there are 4 pattern envelopes up there.

kate and i picked out fabrics for most of those cute little outfits, a quilt, and a crib skirt for her soon to be bouncing baby girl. who we will call batman. parents choice i swear. some people call their unborn children peanut or something cute like that. they said batman one day and well for dave and i it stuck. this kid will be batman til she graduates college so help me!

anyhoo i am losing focus here.

this bin is full of fabric. my mission (i was silly enough to accept it) is to turn all that into adorable little dresses, bloomers jumpers and overalls. oh not to mention i agreed piece a quilted duvet cover and appliqué on nifty little birds and trees for a bed skirt.

oh me oh my what have i done???

but don't you worry. i am having a ton of fun. i have finished 2 of the jumpers. (i think there are a total of 3). i have also stitched up 3 pair of bloomers. we're adding elastic after we meet batman. see we don't know how big she is gonna be :)

so how many pieces in the baby sewing queue?
lets see here...
3 reversible jumpers (2 are done)
4 pair of overalls
3 gathered dresses
1 gathered top with pants
3 or 4 coordinating hats
2 onesies
and a million little bloomers (3 are done)

holy crap what have i done?

what? you want to see the madness? ok you asked for it.

the jumpers look like this. silly no? i think they kinda look like bats.
but they fold up into the cutest little smock dress thingeys

and best of all they are reversible. 2 for 1 dresses and so neat to stitch up. except for those little ear things at the top. thats a beast to maneuver around. what? i'm not a perfect seamstress. oh and the best thing about these smocks they should double as summer shirts when batman gets older. thank gods i don't know if i could do all this again!

after i lived through the first jumper i got a little more adventurous and added seam binding across the top of the pocket of jumper two

and on the reverse i decided to add a long apron style pocket along the bottom edge in a coordinating pink with a yellow lining.

and check out the back. it is so neat the way those wings just fold over to make straps!

so first try on a new pattern not so great. second try and i'm having a blast! one more to go and on to more confusing things :)

i'm making coordinating/matching bloomers for all the dresses. (who likes to see a diaper)? and here are the first three pair

they are such a pain to make for something so small! who would have thought right? but there are a bunch of seams to finish and not a lot of space to do it in!

so what is next in the baby queue? well i've decided to make some funky overalls with mismatched panels of these fabrics

you know me i can't resist purple. this outfit is going to be a surprise though. see kate doesn't know about it since i got it on a stealth trip to jo-ann :) there is also a surprise onesie in the works i just haven't photographed the fabric yet.

oh and as far as surprises go. i got an email from her mom yesterday. she's trying to find fabric to match the stuff she rescued from kate's bedroom curtains when she was a kid! and i'm not sure if this is a surprise cause what better way to find something kate likes than to ask her...but i don't know if i can!

it really is cute but it is proving to be hard to find coordinating fabrics that we think kate will like. her mom wants a quilt top to go with this as the bottom. but doesn't want to go all cutsey and pink. as you can see above outfits kate likes more modern styles and we're not sure what to do. we like the polka dot on this umbrella

but i'm having a hard time finding blue and green dots. sigh. any of you who like to buy fabric online let me know if you happen across something you think would go. i'm completely open for ideas at this point. in other words help!!!


Blogger Meike said...

Lesley, I am so impressed with all your sewing projects! The baby clothes are adorable.

Blogger Dee said...

Have you tried either the Sewing Studio in Maitland (Fern Park?) --- it's on 17-92 north of Maitland

OR Queen Anne's Lace in Kissimmee. That's a quilting store, but she has lots and lots of fabric.

There is also a quilting store at Curry Ford and Young Pine. I haven't been in so don't know how the selection is, but it's close so it might be worth a try.

The jumpers ---- well, they are just too cute for words!

Blogger michaele said...

cute jumpers!!! makes me wish I had a niece...

Blogger Meike said...

Thanks for the good idea with Ravelry. I'm not on it yet. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that my aunt can send me some, but we'll see . . . It's so frustrating, especially since I thought I was buying more than enough . . .

Blogger WandaWoman said...

all of it is very cute! Your friend is lucky you are making such adorable items for her daughter.


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