boys are stupid

i've been working on this sweater right?

and i've finished the sleeves seamed the shoulders struggled through the collar and tried it on and dave says the collar looks funny.

but the colors are really pretty on me...
nice after note hon. it's solid
any hoo.
i need reassurance or the cold hard truth.

cables in the collar or no?
the patterns calls to continue them but i'm not so sure it looks right.
of course switching to ribbing would look wierd too.


Blogger WandaWoman said...

Beautiful color. I actually like the cables in the collar and see nothing weird about it at all. I'm too entranced by the beauty of all that cabling. I think if dave doesn't like it, keep it for you.

Blogger Dee said...

It does look as if it stops rather abruptly. How about a crew neck type collar? Would that work? Or maybe a reverse stockinette that would roll?

I can't believe how different the color looks on my monitor! It's absolutely green here!

I enjoyed knitting day. :-)

Anonymous Janet said...

You're getting fashion advice from a boy who wears shorts all winter? :)

I like the collar...can we see a picture of it on?

Blogger Jen C said...

I like it, it's different and bet it will look great when worn.


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