update by necessity

what will prompt a girl to post faster than you can even say post? even after eon's of blog inactivity? hrmmm. well someone linking to her blog without warning for one ;) so here is the update roll in no particular order...

the bed and breakfast pullover cabled cardi is on seaming island i have one sleeve seamed and th other is lying peacefully beside it meditating. i hate seaming. i particularly hate seaming when you have to get all that ribbing with increases to line up...why do sleeves have to be shaped eh? sorry no photo but do you have to see the same no progress shot? again?

next up dave and i decided to make pizza for dinner this weekend. we had seen yet another episode of alton brown's good eats this one on pizza and dave has been wanting to make it. but it requires preparing the dough the day before. dave doesn't like to do things the day before. he's an in the moment go to the grocery store 10 minutes before a dinner party kind of guy. so when i had to run to the store yet again the other day to grab one last thing 'cause he doesn't like lists. i picked up everything we needed to make pizza. or so i thought. i didn't get pepperoni. well who knew. and guess what i found in the bakery case? pre-made pizza dough. the good kind nne of that pilsbury crap. all you have to do is let it sit at room temperature for an hour. which is how long you preheat the pizza stone. woo hoo!

it killed me to wait for them to cook.

came out pretty tasty if i do say so myself. on te left my choice. leftover jarred alfredo sauce with frozen spinach and canned artichokes. on the right daves with leftover homemade gravy (read spaghetti sauce) with half spinach and half sliced up frozenmeatballs. not bad for a "last minute" kinda dinner :)

oh wait you wanted knitting news? well ok.

i started another afghan. another you ask? well theres a deep dark secret lying in the UFO bin. we're not gonna talk about that one right now.

this one is going along pretty well. i'm having fun at least. i finally figured out a use for all that lavendar and blue cotton ease (the old stuff). throw in some lime (the new stuff) and the silk cotton artful yarns fable (that's the multi in the photo above) that i had in the stash and oila. garter stich blanket in the works.

what prompted this madness you ask? well a friends daughter wanted to learn to knit. a garter stitch washcloth was the assignment. i made one too and the squashy cotton garter ridges hooked me. and i'm off on a mission. fun no?

so thats it for now. there are some socks in the works. you'll have to patient for that post. so there is knitting and sewing. and a stupid creature or 6. i haven't decided on our family size yet.

i'm having too much fun to post right now but i will catch you up :)


Blogger Dee said...

Stupid creature definitely needs a brother or a sister.

Had a great time knitting today! Hopefully, my sock will be further along next time we get together.

No mo froggin'


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