it's a sad day

for starbucks
when a great manager resigns because he's getting too much crap from his boss.
a shitton of crap from the guys upstairs and not a whole lot of help.
we like to try to set our team up for success.
but we don't try to set them up for failure.
and that is what has been happening!

i'm probably gonna hear something 'cause i'm posting this but it's got to be said.

since april i've been working in the second busiest store in central florida.
until recently we were beating out all the others in our district.
this means we have to work hard.
really hard.
just to keep up.
forget about getting ahead.
keeping things shiny clean?
no way.
shoot for passable.
cause you can't really do much else.
there's not enough time
it is impossible to stay on top.
when you're understaffed.
when you can't get labor hours.
when you have only 2 team members in the store for 2 hours at a time!
you barely get things done.
and the bosse's boss.
well she laid into him.
made it impossible.
destroyed the ideal of starbucks.
it's supposed to be a company who cares for it's partners
thats what we are.
or we're suppposed to be.
not employees.

we had a great manager.
he cared about his staff.
and tomorrow is his last day.
'cause it's not the company he fell in love with.

me neither.
my "fun" job.
not so fun anymore.
i gave my notice too.


Blogger Meike said...

Oh, Lesley, I'm sorry to hear about that. When is your last day?

Blogger WandaWoman said...

That's really too bad, but what can they really say as you are leaving too. You've gotta do what is good for you.

Blogger Scorpio said...

I heard the news. I hope you have something lined up that will be better. I know exactly what you are talking about with all that was going on. If you need to talk email me and I'll give you my phone number. scott46493@hotmail.com

*hugs* I hope everything gets better for you!


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