sick day

so what do you do when you manage to get a couple days off cause you're nearly dead but not quite and you just can't sleep any more?

you knit of course!

you get out the comfy pj's and all the extra pillows, you let the dog have dave's half of the bed, and you break out the needles and pattern. but first you open the blinds to let in the smidgen of sunshine making its way in between the rain-clouds, you bird watch out the window with your new bird book (purchased because the one dad lent you (published in 1983) doesn't tell you what those one all grey wading birds are out there), you keep the cell phone handy just in case someone decides to call (which they only do when the phone is forgotten in the other room), oh and you also move the small television in from the office (after dumping all of dave's laundry off the dresser into a basket first)
oh damn laundry.
oh well i'll wash some stuff before work tomorrow. yes i have to go back tomorrow but i think i'm felling better now i didn't take any cold medicine today and i'm not dead yet so i think i'm on my way to recovery. whew. if i can just stop sniffling and sneezing for five minutes.

you want to hear about the knitting i guess.

remember way back when, before we moved to hell (florida) how i was knitting on that nifty cabled bed and breakfast pullover from interweave? no? well maybe that is because moving got crazy and i forgot to post about it. oh well. i started it ages ago back when it was cold and i was still in colorado, where it made sense to knit sweaters in aran weight washable wool (color # 26). and it got bundled away into the never ever gonna get finished UFO bin at the back of the closet. well i dug it out and decided i could wear it when i go back to colorado for thanksgiving. but only if it was finished.

so yesterday i finished the front. (from the neckline up).
and today i finished the back. (from the armholes up).

and i cast on for the sleeves. and if i keep this up all there will be left to do is seam and wind in all those beastly ends. you know how i hate that part...

but then it will be finished. which is good. because yesterday i also ordered 18 balls of this.

to knit this!

in khaki (#13) of course it is absolutely killing me not to buy more to make every other sweater and summer top i've been dying to make...

but i just don't have the time.

i've been sewing toooo much for kate and the little one. and the dad to be has commissioned matching daddy and baby skull caps (yes closely fitted hats with skull and cross bones on them). and that yarn is on its way too. along with the yarn for kate's socks, and some more socks for dave...
i better get knitting.
so much to do so little time!


Blogger WandaWoman said...

The cabled pullover looks good. That must be so exciting that you're coming to CO in November. You'll have to give me a call. Hope you are feeling better.


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