sewing machine

thats right no love machines here i exist only to sew :)

and someone is not too happy about it...

neige doesn't seem to think that sewing and photographing the evidence is a worthy use of my time. she's been following me around and "hmphing" at me lately :)

i finished up mom's christmas present a couple of weeks ago.
we picked out the fabric together after she decided that she needed a new summer robe. he rold one was about 10 years old. yes i agree. she needed a new one. so here it is!

isn't it fun? i edged the robe ad sleeves with a nice mottled mustard color and decided to do the tie and pockets with the same. it took a while to figure out the construction on this puppy. the collar was way more confusing than i thought it was going to be but after an emergency trip to jo-ann to visit the nice lady who sold me my machine i figured it out.
then i whipped up the coordinating bottoms in about a second. that has got to be the easiest pants pattern i have ever seen. it is just 3 pieces and that includes the drawstring!!!! now i just need to find a couple of blue tee's for her and she can have this at last.

oh, didn't i mention that. it was for christmas last year. oops.
better late than never i always say.
now i'm glad i never gave mom the blog address. no surprises spoiled here!

just for fun i took a closeup of the fabric. i love the pattern. it reminds me of the curtains and tablecloths i saw in provence. if you ever go buy one! they are so fun and cheerful.
i love love love the blues and yellows!

for those of you silly enough to want to try this on your own the pattern is mccalls 3370 i made size medium. best of all, the robe and pants should be plenty long enough for mom (she's fairly tall and nothing is ever long enough it seems).


Blogger WandaWoman said...

That robe is beautiful. I'm sure your mother will love it.


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