didn't think i was gonna make it, but here i am! fully recovered and returned from texas.

returned: the drive was awful, unberable and incredibly long, but i did not have to drug my neice and nephew, not did i kill them. the flight was ok, crazy lady talked my feverish head off (i'll get there in a sec) on the plane. crazy guy talked it off on the buss, but i got home in one piece. unfortunately the pipes weren't in the same condition when i got here...i'll explain later.

recovered: from hideous texas cold bug. damn they say everything in texas is big well they don't brew small viruses i can tell you that! but i'm better now, no help from the stupid doctor lady who yelled at me for coming in when all i had was a cold and for wasting her time, i figure that a bug that hangs on more than a week, destroys my throat and voice, causes crazy high fevers, and results in my ears killing me, that i might actually be sick. but what do i know...

but all is well, i'm back (body and health) and looking forward to snowboarding with the girls, knitting with the girls, (different girls) and if i don't jynx myself... but i may be, just maybe finishing rogue this week. if i don't i'll never get it done once schol starts. so here goes. marathon knitting here i come. just one panic note...i just turned the cuffs under and i'm about a third of the way through the first 2 of 6 balls of mission falls...i'm knitting both sleeves at once on circs...will i make it? yikes. if not i'll just have to find a similar dyelot...ack. how the heck and i gonna do that the stuff is dissappearing like crazy!!! but a little bird told me that they've been bought otut by another mill thats gonna continue the line woo hooooooo!
k, i'm off to listen to a book on cd and knit my heart out!


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