disaster averted.

so, i'm one ball in on each of the sleeves for rogue and i realized, that 3 balls per sleeve really wasn't gonna cut it. no friggin way so i'm at my favorite lys knitting (cause why sit home and knit when you can spend the day sitting at a sotre you don't work at helping customers ;) , and sue, angel that she is decides to call around to stores and see if anybody has the yarn. (mind you she works at the store i'm in, they don't carry mission falls though) isn't that sweet? and guess what she finds the same color the same dyelot at another not so favorite lys. and you wanna know the real kicker. they were nice! who knew it was even possible. but i have 3 more balls to finish my sleeves which should be plenty. oh, also a spare ball in a different dyelot that they insisted i take which i won't use but it will give me incentive to go back to get the new colorway i saw of sockotta there. i'm sure its not really new but i never saw it before and i have to say that its my most favorite sock yarn ever!

its that tealy colorered ne right there in the middle. nifty huh? so why not get it right? i think i will when i am done with rogue i'll just take the leftover ball/balls and exchange 'em :) i also want that rainbow one up in the corner there but i haven't seen it anywhere in person yet...

oh, so my socks are done the ones i was working on while i was in texas, did i say that already? sorry if i did. but i don't know where they are and my computer is on life support right now so i'll wait to post photos til later, but they're comfy and they might gove me cankles thanks cyn for making me think of this in the back of my head as soon as i tried 'em on. but i don't care i'll just wear 'em with boots :P


Blogger michaele said...

how lucky are you? Same dyelot and everything!

P.S. Your blog only seems to let blogger people comment. I can't link to my real blog!

Blogger Jenifer said...

Wow! Phew to you for getting more yarn! I *sooo* need to finish Rogue. Maybe I'll make it a January (or February rather) goal.

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

thanks for the heads up michaele, problem fixed. i just clicked the wrong box in setup :S silly me.

and crazy thing about shuttles having the right dyelot is...i bought the original yarn online from a shop in canada!!!! (they're now sold out.)

Anonymous Wanda said...

Whew! What a big sigh of relief. That's great that Shuttles had the right dyelot after you purchased it in Canada! So crazy! At least you have enough now.


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