italy take two

oh and this is step two on getting ready for my trip. i like to take a blank book to draw, paint write and paste sugar packets into when i go on a trip. so while i was at 2 hands paperie in boulder today i picked up my blank book. i'm starting to get excited about this trip. its nifty drawing paper in there. in cream and tan and grey and blue and green and white its like strathmore paper or something. (to those of you who don't know thats kick ass drawing paper) and i'm gonna love using this book. the pen in there is the one i picked out today i hace a thing for fountain pens. i can't help it and this one is gorgeous. its silver and you can't tell but theres a silvery marbling to the black part. it will be so great to travel and write and sketch. yippee, i love going on trips. i might even have to use the pen early!


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