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so i cast on for my mom's hooded sweater last friday and didn't get very far on it at the knit together. but it's coming right along. the pattern directions tell you to knit the pocket separately and sew it on, and you know my aversion to seaming so i just did it like the instructions for rogue tell you to just kit the pocket back and forth then pick up the stitches across the back to continue the body and its working just fine. i'm also knitting this in the round as opposed to knitting the front and back flat and seaming. like i said. major phobia. just hate those silly seams. anyway i'll keep you posted...but isn't this the most beautiful yarn? i picked it up at the estes park woolmarket last summer. it's interlacements memphis #112. cotton with a polyester binding thread wrapped around it that's rainbow varigated. nifty huh? anyway. i'm off to start studying. i figure 2 hours of knitting for the night is good enough whadda ya think? besides my lab class looks like its gonna be pretty neat. we get to do all kinds of fun stuff this term. we're building a projecting microscope next week. and later in the term we get to use a scanning tunneling microscope :) i know i'm a dork. i'll let you know how the other classes turn out haven't been to them yet.

anyway i'm sure you're thrilled to read about my classes. you'll be happy to know i'll be finishing this term last 9 hours and i'm freeeeeeeee woo hoo. then i jus thave to find a job, an apartment and grow up :( damn and i escaped for so long. anyway.

almost forgot i also cast on for ahat for dave. he swears its the only knitted object he could imaginge wearing so here goes. i hope i can do it...might get complicated ya know...1x1 ribbing and all :P i'll post a photo when its done. hope everybody has a fantastic wednesday tomorrow. k, i admit it i've had too many gummi bears, i'm gonna go now.


Anonymous michaele said...

mmm... your interlacements looks pretty! I haven't done anything with mine yet.


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