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so i am sure i have mentioned before that some electronic appliance or another seemed to be malfunctioning...constantly...but i don't know if i ever explained the whole thing properly. this comes up because the computer is officially dead. i broke down and made dave call the tech support guys for me...they kept making me do destructive recoveries of the system ie everything goes bye bye and you have to reinstall everything :( and i was sick of it and after talking to the guy for about 20 minutes the guy decides that its the computer, not the owner thats broken. i've been trying to tell them this since september (i got the computer in august) but they never believe me. so anyway its being sent to the magic computer house in the sky where it will be given a new soul. and i'm sad because i have to use the ones on campus or at dave's like i am right now. which i'm surprised he's letting me use it as he i am sure believes i am cursed with all things electronic. see i can't keep a cell phone alive for longer than a few months. very odd things start happening around me. i can't really wear a watch, they don't keep the right time, and i can rarely get anything to work right on the computer. even if i'm doing what i'm supposed to software will not install properly for me. simple tasks become impossible because i have bizarre error messages frequently. its quite a pain in the ass. but i'm used to it. i js twanted to share and let you know that i may be out of the loop until they send my baby back :(
one thing i forgot to mention...when my computer died it took all the music on my ipod with it. all my audio books everything. all of it. i want to cry. its going back on slowly slowly. i have about 10 cds back on so far and i'm workin gon getting some of my favorite authors books back on there...sigh...just had to share
**edit 2**
so i also have had issues getting my template arranged the way i like and i think its finally fixed :)


Blogger CynCyn said...

i've heard of this strange syndrome before... crazyauntpurl blogged about her inability to keep a watch, and someone told her about some strange body chemistry vs. electronics issue? sounds like you.


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