Italy take one

well its the first step towards going on my trip with mom this summer (italy with her) (then switzerland and germany by myself). i picked up the application at the post office, tracked down my old passport from the back of the closet, went to kinkos, got the silly photos taken and its ready to go once i write the check and pop it in the mail. and yes if you're wondering, thats rogue i'm wearing!

cathi was nice enough to take a photo for me at the knit together at her house last friday night, i finished it there (and got a few dirty looks in the process) well maybe they weren't but there was definately some fo envy in the air :)


Blogger Jenifer said...

Hey Lesley -- it was great seeing you and SO great seeing the FO of Rogue! You have to post a photo, with hood up, here! :) Sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you more ... the next time around, I need to sit in your neighborhood of the room to chat. Tell Shirley the same from me! Nice job again on Rogue.

Anonymous michaele said...

hey - I'm going to Italy, too. Where are you headed???


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