so i get to take this really neat field trip for my astronomy class next week, but that means i have to get ahead in everything so i can go on this really neat trip for my class next week...and i'm freaking, i have 2 assignments about 75-80% completed, and i have to take a take home computer programming exam, and then i have the written exam on friday and i haven't studied yet, and my brain is mush...ack. i just had to share. and i haven't been knitting and i think that may be why my brain is mush...crap. and i couldn't concentrate in class today so i designed what i want to do for my friend's scarf, i want to put cables, and it should be pretty, i just have to figure out the specifics of how many rows befor ecables turn etc. but it should be neat. but i can't be designing knitting projects in class. thats bad. i think i need a vacation. but i'm gonna go finish my wine, and go to bed, and start all over again tomorrow. hope you're having a good day :)


Blogger Jenifer said...

Good luck on your test!

Blogger michaele said...

Sometimes I miss being a student - life seemed so much simpler then! Then I talk to real students like you, and I realize it was a crazy-busy time. But it's worth it if you can spend a night staring at the stars. Hang in there!


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