not knitting

so it seems i that i either knit like a woman possessed or i don't do it at all. lately it has been the latter. just haven't felt like it. i know wierd huh but whatever. probably working too much and procrastinating school work and that sort of thing. but i did have a knitting dream last night. i was at a yarn shop. apparently the local one (thats what my head said when i was there - gotta love dreams) but i've never seen that one. it was a neat place though i'd like to find it. there was a group there knitting, i had left a work in progress on the table and was talking to someone when a woman walked up and took my yarn. needless to say i took it back. knocked her down, sat down and proceeded to knit the entire back of a sweater in a few minutes. nobody even noticed the brawl. it was wierd. what can i say it was a dream. but nobody messes with my yarn sleeping or no. and i really want to find this yarn it was the prettiest color :) hmm, anybody know where to buy dream yarn? other than in the dream store cause obviously they've got no contorl over their customers. walking up and taking it! geez!


Blogger Jenifer said...

Wow. Sounds crazy. :)


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