i know i know...get over it!

i'm procrastinating, i know, i know...finish the damn midterm take home but thats part of the all night study session right? its required or something...procrastination i mean...

11:00 am leave house 2 hours past the time i intended to because i got caught up watching next, i have no idea why. its a terrible show.

11:30 am leave lys after purchasing 2 pairs of circular needles in size 2's to knit socks on my school road trip next week. god forbid i leave it to the last minute and don't get needles before i leave!

12:00 noon arrive at school, go to the computer lab, sit down and try to figure out what the hell i'm supposed to be doing on this take home midterm. we have to do it in ths stupid computer program called mathcad. it bites. if i just did the homework by hand it would take 5 minutes...i hate school!

12:02 pm guy from class sits down to ask me how to do the homework that i have already finished (wooo hoo) and looks over my shoulder to read the midterm (i am doing it a week early because of the trip) and i tell him not to. people!

12:35 pm word has gotten around that i have a copy of the midterm early and i have people asking to see it. i am making no progress cause homework questions are still rolling in. geez people!

12:55 pm epiphany, i have figured out how i'm supposed to do this assignment now if i can only figure out how to do it in the computer...

1:00 pm i get kicked out of the computer lab cause a class has it reserved for the hour. holy hell can't a girl get a break?

1:10 pm working on another homework assignment in the library. making progress. correcting previous mistakes. i can do this i am a rock star!

3:30 pm supposed to meet shirley to work on the assignment i have now finished. oops, sorry shirley. run up to office hours to get help with another assignment. (yes i have a lot of assignments)

4:00 pm shirley meets me in the umc to grab a bite to eat and a photocopy of my homework in case she gets stuck. sometimes you just don't know what the next math step is. not exactly legal, but she wouldn't just copy so its ok.

5:00 pm shirley, angel that she is, hands over her laptop which has the annoying math program we have to use to do the midterm so that i can work in peace without people asking for copies of the midterm. mental note, buy shirely some pretty yarn as thanks.

6:00 pm arrive home try to get shirley's computer to see my internet connection for like an hour.

7:00 pm give up on internet burn all the files i need to a disk and put them on her computer.

9:00 pm looking at yarn colors to try and find something shirley would like.

10:00 pm making progress figuring things out until shirley's computer eats my assignment! want to kill computer.

10:54 pm got file back, computer eats file again! what the heck! doubly unlucky?

11:15 pm put in practical magic so theres background noise to drown out the ringing in my ears and voices in my head...

12:00 dark noon midnight trip to toxic hell for munchies.

12:45 am actually got part a to work. i am a rock star. if i could figure out how to changes the tolerances on the numbers i would be soooo happy. yeah right, never gonna figure that out. oh well. i have a prety picture. and by that i mean a circle. yeay!

12:46 am i'm gonna stop typing now and try to do part b. maybe i can do it too :)


Blogger Kristen said...

Go rockstar go!!

Hang in there

Blogger Wanda said...

You are such a rockstar, b/c I don't know if I would have still hung in through all of that!

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

thank you thank you, i'll be here all week ;)


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