ok, so i was looking for some yarn, i don't even remember what now... and i kept pulling boxes out from under the bed...

and i found an UFO's that i haven't touched in ages, remember that blue sweater???


and i found a scarf that i started ages ago for a friend and i hate the way it looks...

so there it went too!

don't worry ewald i'll restart it, it will be finished before i see you next summer :)

and i sorted out te stuff i actually want to finish and put it away in an organized fashion

well it's sort of...organized...

but the yarn is nice and tidy now!

and i am gonna finish my mom's boatneck sweater tonight!!!
don't believe me?
i'll have it on pins before you know it!


Blogger Wanda said...

Nice organizations! It's always a godo thing when that happens!


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