stick a spoon in these and stir!

lots of sugar in my cappuccino please.

or maybe iced. it has been a hot day...

i guess as long as it is caffeinated it shouldn't really matter right?

i think i deserve it!

cause these babies are done!

the venezia socks.
or cappuccino as i call them.

i used the pattern charts and just knit these up.

for my second attempt at stranded color work i think they turned out great!

if i had it to do over again i would probably have used a different pattern for the sole.
the stripe is a little too bold for the swishiness of the instep and leg pattern.

but hey.
you learn.

the specifics:

pattern: chart from the venezia sweater by Eunny Jang

yarn: sock it to me 4 ply in coffee bean and latte

needles: knitpicks harmony circs size 1. socks knit as 2 magic loops simultaneously
(these needles are actually growing on me)

details: magic cast on 16 stitches in coffee bean, increase at edges on every row to 26 then every other row to 36 stitches. move one stitch from sole of sock(35) to instep(37). begin working instep in pattern centering one pattern motif on the sock. coffee bean is background color, latte is foreground color. latte carried on top for dominance. sole done in 1x1 stripe pattern with one dark section of 2 stitches on each side to set off the instep pattern. worked half a pattern repeat on one sock then on the other sock and work socks in leapfrog manner to maintain gauge. this is not what i usually mean by 2 socks on 2 circs. sigh. work 2 pattern repeats per foot. then work a lifestyle heel in coffee bean. then work 2 pattern repeats for the leg. 15 rows in 1x1 rib in coffee bean. and these babies are done!

i don't know if i'll do a lot of color work in the future.
but i can do it.
and i guess that is all that matters.

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Blogger Dee said...

Very pretty. Love the "set up" for the project --- artsy!

Did you enjoy doing the stranded work? I've considered it, but haven't tried it (yet).

Blogger Shirley said...

WOW.... they are amazing :O are you REALLY go to put them in your shoes?


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