in the works

so there is a sweater in the works...

i just don't know what it is yet.

i've been doing research.

i just haven't come to a decision.

you see shirley gifted me with some of her stash yarn a while back.
ok so it was almost a year ago.
and i thought i would make her a sweater.
crazy i know.
why knit a knitter a sweater?
well she weighs all of 95 pounds soaking wet so it will be a fast knit.
and she did gift me the yarn.
and i don't really need the yarn seeing as i can knit at least 6 sweaters from the stash right now. so shirley is getting a sweater.

i'm leaning in a couple of different directions.

i want to knit an interweave sweater cause well i have the subscription so why not right?

so here are the candidates:

1) nantucket jacket
2) wheat-ear cable yoke
3) tangled yoke cardigan
3) climbing vines pullover
4) diminishing rib cardigan

and i also figure the recipient might want a say in said sweater...

so i'll keep you posted.
but in the meantime. what do you think?



Blogger Dee said...

Tangled Yoke is my favorite, but of course, it would depend on what the recipient would look best wearing!

Blogger Shirley said...

Do I get to vote multiple times? I hope I do, coz I already did :D


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