so much to do!

with only a few days to relax. a trip to the beach turns into a blur of "i just want to sit here" mixed with "but we have to do this too" so several days worth of photos divided into day parts. cause really it is all running together :) think sandra bullock from that movie premonition where the days are out of order...but nobody's gonna die.


over the ocean. after waking up early not feeling well from a late night out with the family. i took one for the team ad finished the wine...don't do that. not good. i ran the 2 blocks to the boardwalk and over the dunes to the water to get these couple of shots.

seagulls and beachcombers are your only company when it's this early!

i've never seen so many mussel shells when it wasn't after dinner.


on the boardwalk. after the beach you go to the boardwalk to grab lunch at mack and mancos. apparently the best pizza ever. i'm not convinced. but heck i don't really get the wawa obsession either. but chesesteaks i totally get. so i'm not beyond hope ;)

you have to swim only between the green flags by the lifeguard station. so you get hundreds of families jammed into tiny spaces with wide open spaces between. this is so bizarre to me. i've always "swum at my own risk" and sat by myself. dave couldn't belive i'd never seen a lifeguard away from the pool! so it is crowded when you try to body surf and at one point i got kicked in the nose. fortunately it wasn't broken but damn that smarts!

back to the boardwalk 6 or 8 times. for no good reason. or to buy postcards. or for more pizza or to search for the perfect hat for dave. which we still don't have by the way.

we spent an afternoon at the family of friend's of a friend's place on the bay in the next town over. (say that ten times fast) where we all floated in that raft back there for a while drinking coronas and waving to the boats as then went by. then the dave and mark (dave's brother) had to leave for a philies game so fran (mark's girlfriend) and i went out in a sea kayak for about an hour.

you can almost see mark's friend in one out between the reeds.

fran and i got pretty lost in the reeds for a while but we found our way out and surprisingly did pretty well. we never tipped over and we figured out how to turn. had we waited for the tide to come in we would have been able to find our way out very easily!

we drove back and forth across this little bridge i don't know how many times :)


and we walked out on the beach at night. strictly forbidden but a great place to see the stars

and you have to go to the boardwalk at night cause you've been there all week why not go again?

and we tried to ride the ferris wheel. but it closes down when there is moisture in the air because then the brakes don't work...which i appreciate. but i really wanted to go!

every thing is lit up at the miniature golf places. we never made it to one so i guess we'll have to go back. for that and the ferris wheel :)

we went out to a piano bar with mark and fran one night to see a pair of dueling piano players that mark really likes. he's been going to their shows for years.

and we spent an evening at harrah's. buffet, video roulette (the real tables were $25 a spin) and i doubled dave's money...now he wants to drag me to vegas. sigh.

oh and there are no photos but when we were too tired to go out some evenings we played games on the wii. and i'm not a video game person but it is awesome! we might just have to get one!

a very good trip. fun was had by all. sunburns were acquired. there is sand still in my ears a week later. but i could definitely see myself going back down the jersey shore :)


Blogger Dee said...

The ferris wheel is by the ocean --- isn't there ALWAYS moisture in the air??????

Glad you had a good time.


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